5 Things You Need To Know For a Beach Wedding

5 Things You Need To Know For a Beach Wedding

Are you planning to have a beach wedding ceremony on the local beach? Or maybe you have a plant to do a destination wedding in Bali, Indonesia? If yes, there is a list that you must prepare when planning to do wedding ceremony on the beach.


Don’t ever use ball gowns at beach weddings, it’s immediately look out of the place. As you know there are so many sands on the beach. And long gown is not matched with the sand. Using a long gown in the beach wedding will be a trouble when the winds start whipping around your wedding location. That’s why using long gown is not a good choice for the beach wedding ceremony. Choose a short and simple wedding gown, it will make you comfortable with the beach situation, and you can enjoy your wedding ceremony. Choose light colors for your gown, you will look and feel best at your wedding ceremony.


Are you plan to use shoes for your beach wedding? It’s a big mistake. Using shoes on the beach will make the sand stick on your shoes, it is a big deal to wipe the sand from your shoes. Wearing heels on the sand is a very dangerous thing. You can make your feet look awesome by using some accessories on your naked feet.


Wind can be a big problem for your beach wedding ceremony. It can make your wedding day become chaotic if you do not prepare your wedding carefully. You need to secure all the light items like flower decoration or napkin if you use it. You need to use a floral wire to make sure all the flowers not fly away and stay in their place. Selecting a perfect hairstyle is important for you if you want to do wedding ceremony on the beach. You need to choose a hairstyle that is friendly with the condition of the beach because something unpredictable might happen.


Almost all of the beach have a wave. It can be a loud and beautiful soundtrack for your beach wedding ceremony. How if the wave is too loud and your invited guest can’t hear your voice when you were saying the exchanged vows? It is terrible. You need to consider using wireless microphones and speakers can be the best solution. All your guests can hear your voice in the middle of a wonderful soundtrack of your beach wedding.


Reserve a private beach is a big deal, you might not able to do that. But that’s not a reason for you to cancel do a beach wedding. Public beaches can be a perfect choice for your wedding venue. Maybe some beach will have some requirement, like the maximum guest that can come, etc. Do a research is a solution for this problem. Asking your friend or your family, they might have a good recommendation for you. Then your perfect beach wedding can be a wonderful moment for you.

You can have a perfect beach wedding if you consider those 5 this above.

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