Start-up: Ecological and decorative packaging for a green Christmas

In addition to kraft paper, which is made solely from wood pulp and therefore natural cellulose, which offers the advantage of being ecological and recyclable, or the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki, a folding technique using fabrics to wrap gifts, the start-up Poly Surprise has launched into the market for responsible packaging by proposing a new approach.

Because, according to the figures provided by this young company, gift wrap paper is responsible for more than 380,000 trees cut, 11,000 tonnes of CO 2 and 20,000 tonnes of waste produced per year, its two founders used origami to create decorative, durable and eco-responsible cardboard boxes.They are launching their fundraising campaign on the Ulule platform until Thursday, December 12.

Designed from recycled cardboard, using water-based inks, these folding boxes take on original shapes – star, diamond, heart – and fit in with time.Unlike single-use paper, they can be reused but can also be transformed into a decorative element.Surfing on the trend of DIY and upcycling, it is possible to transform them into lamps, jewelry boxes or simply decorative objects, offering them a second life at the same time. Another way to get rid of old stuff, recycle your used products, is to sell them online.A design and green approach that could appeal to the general public since 67% of French people say they have changed some of their practices and 13% say they are doing everything possible to reduce the impact of their consumption (Barometer of responsible consumption 2019 conducted by Yougov for Greenflex).